Guitar Tech Craig Handmade Effects
Hand Made in the USA
Custom Builds Available
All Pedals are true bypass unless otherwise noted.
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Carp Face vintage fuzz

Classic Fuzz with Expanded Versatility. Many Models Available.

Dino Sauce compressor

Based on the world's best guitar compressor with sonic improvements

Waving Ocelot 2 univibe

Updated and reliable UniVibe

Howling Fox octave fuzz

Based on a popular '60s octave fuzz. Very groovy.

Badger Drive overdrive/distortion

Based on a rare and popular pedal that is very open sounding. Works well as overdrive or distortion.

Gryphon Drive

Plain and simple, a Klon Centaur clone.

The Rott

Two versions of a popular heavy distortion in one box! Very Cool!

Angry Kitty

Super-Enhanced version of a rare, Russian Big Muff Pi.

Chameleon Drive

Based on some of the world's most popular overdrives with ability to switch the clipping type and midrange emphasis.

Hatfield Wah

Vintage Wah tone at its best (or better). Options include selectable sweep ranges, optput buffer, DC power jack, etc.

Sheep Shifter phase shifter

Modeled after the great Maestro Stage Phasor, my favorite phase shifter. Originally designed by Mr. Moog.

Destiny OD overdrive/distortion

The first Signature Series pedal, this overdrive/distortion was developed to sound like a BIG tube amp. I love it!

Mystic Panther overdrive

The cousin of the Destiny OD, the panther has a bit more clarity, a bit less drive, and its own flavor

Taurus Chorus

High Quality recreation of possibly the best analog Chorus ever made. Now enhanced with speed switch and blend control.

Gator Replicator delay

Analog-style delay with modulation. Similar to a deluxe memory man in tone and performance.

OranguFlange analog flanger

Modeled after the famous deluxe electric mistress, my favorite flanger