All switches in this area are shown with red and green wires leading to the "common" terminals on the switch.  When the switch's position causes other terminals on the switch to make a contact with the "common" terminal, these other terminals are identified by changing their color to the match the color of the wire they are making contact with (either red or green).

The 5 way switch may be the most versatile commonly used switch in guitars.  The image shows 2 sets of connections, one with a red wire attached to the "common" post and the other with a green wire to the other "common" post.

Frame 1 illustrates the connection the switch makes to other poles on the switch.

Frame 2 shows why this switch is unusual.  Position 2 of this switch adds an additional contact to position 1, making it easy to combine 2 pickups in this position.  Advanced Topic: It can also be used to make a connection between the first and second pole without using the "common" pole.

Positions 3, 4, and 5 act in a predictable manner once you understand positions 1 and 2.